Forensic samples for criminal cases

We are able to process all kinds of forensic samples including bone samples. Please contact us prior to shipping the samples to us. Standard turn-around time for contemporary samples is 30 days. The results can be delivered also in a form of EXPERT REPORT and subsequently testified at the court (Czech and English).


Price per analysis

In order to do some raw estimate of the expenses needed for DNA analysis of your bone samples we need to have a bit more information. Before you ask us for a quotte please collect answers to the following questions:


  • What is the total number of skeletons you would like to identify?
  • Are all skeletons from one grave/small burial site or multiple distinct places?
  • Do you have the sample of soil from the burial site ?
  • Do you have some photographs/drawings of the skeletons so we can see how preserved the bones can be? Please note that the best case scenario is to have femur and teeth for all individuals.
  • What kind of testing do you require (autosomal STRs,  Y-chromosome STRs, mtDNA, haplogroup prediction) ?
  • Will you require SNP analysis of Y-chromosome (verification of Y-haplogroups)
  • Do you have a records of temperature from the room where the bones were stored after excavation?
  • Did you perform some “preservation” of bones?
  • Are there any limitations regarding the amount of sample we can take from the bones?
  • Do you require additional non-DNA services (3D scan, anthropologic examination, facial reconstruction, isotope analysi, etc..)?


Prefered way of the analysis of the ancient remains

Once we accept the ancient material to our DNA laboratory we first need to perform a pilot study on  one of the femurs to determine which DNA extraction and typing strategy would be the best. The reason for the pilot study is that the bone samples from different places differ by the presence of inhibitors and also by the level of DNA degradation (and bone decalcification) and it is barely possible to continue with DNA identification of ancient material without knowing more about the nature of the samples (skeletons). This pilot study consumes the majority of finances and time but should be done in order to trust the results.