DNA typing of bone samples

The archaeogenetic laboratory of Forensic DNA Service has the capacity, experience and knowledge to perform DNA analysis of YOUR contemporary (forensic) and ancient bone specimen (see our Publications). We routinely perform the following types of analysis:

  • autosomal STR typing (Identifiler, MiniFiler, NGM)
  • Y-chromosome STR typing (Y-filer, MiniPlexes I+II
  • mtDNA typing (HVR I+II)
  • optionally Y-chromosome SNPs and autosomal AIMs
  • Prediction of the geographic origin (based on Y-chromosome and mtDNA haplogroup determination)

We are using some special laboratory-developed procedures:

  • HaR buffer (removal of inhibitors prior to th eextraction)
  • DeX buffer (demineralization of bone powder)
  • 4N6 Quant ALU (sensitive DNA quantitation - 1 pg)
  • Y-miniSTR multiplexes I+II (DYS388, DYS426, DYS444, DYS446, DYS447, DYS449, DYS459, DYS481, DYS392 and DYS438)
  • 4N6 XCtest (monitoring of background contamination in DNA laboratories)


The customer receives complete laboratory protocol including raw data (FSA files), electropherograms, statistical evaluation.

We are able to testify at the court.


Optional services

Anthropological examination (sex, age, injuries, etc)


3D scan + virtual and physical models

Analysis of isotopes and elements

Facial reconstruction

Preparation of the resulting publication